vulnerability facilitator and multidisciplinary artist

Hi, my name is Glory Dang. 

I love working with groups to create intimate, transformational experiences. In the past, I’ve held community spaces centering self-love, vulnerability, creativity, and play. 

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I light the way for people to cultivate their creativity, sensuality, and wholeness.

I believe self-integration leads to fulfillment leads to collective liberation.


Bound To Rise:
Rope Workshop and Jam 💜

Multiple Dates
Motion Pacific Dance, 131 Front St E, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Want to explore rope bondage, kink, and sensuality in a supportive community? 

This kinky community space that blends presence, connection, and learning rope bondage into one delightful evening. Come play in our space and discover what rope community can mean to you: attuned presence, nervous system regulation, embodied connection, care and consent, laughter and play, dominance and submission, technical practice, community shadow work, and more. 🐰👯‍♀️ 

Currently hosting in Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA.

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Experiential learning

Encountering creative and sensory processes for deeper meaning-making. 


Deepening relational bonds for networked support and greater development. 

Creative expression

Practicing authenticity to allow for deeper connection with others.

Self reflection

Evaluating personal experiences to create opportunities for continual improvement.


Extending acts of care to the humanity in ourselves and others.

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