I believe self-integration leads to fulfillment leads to collective liberation.

The greatest change begins with ourselves. Without bringing consciousness to our deeply embedded worldviews, we risk repeating the same oppressive patterns that have shaped our history. The more love we can pour into ourselves, the more clearly we can see the choices are in our hands. From this empowered place, we have greater capacity to choose differently and make positive change in our world. 


Experiential learning

Encountering creative and sensory processes for deeper meaning-making. 


Deepening relational bonds for networked support and greater development. 

Creative expression

Practicing authenticity to allow for deeper connection with others.

Self reflection

Evaluating personal experiences to create opportunities for continual improvement.


Extending acts of care to the humanity in ourselves and others.

Trainings & Certifications

  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate, The Embody Lab, 2023

  • UX Management Speciality, NNGroup UX Certificate, 2022

  • BFA in Industrial Design, Rhode Island School of Design, 2019

  • Additional coursework in Cognitive Science & French, Brown University, 2019


Glory Dang (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist and creative vulnerability facilitator. They are passionate about individual and community healing through creativity, intimacy, and trauma work. They have taught workshops and nurtured transformational experiences centering self-love, vulnerability, creativity, and play. Today, they are exploring community-based trauma work and deepening their personal art practice in process-based collage and landscape painting. You can find them doing contact improvisation or hosting rope jams in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. 

Non-binary. Sensual succubus. Intersectional feminist. Chinese and Vietnamese heritage. First-generation Asian-American. Most radical child of three. Living a peaceful and hedonistic dream. Rooted in a beautiful community home of dancers in Santa Cruz, CA.