My name is Glory Dang.

I’m a recent grad passionate about helping people through human- and community-centered design. I’m excited about understanding why we act the way we do, getting to the root of social behavior, and looking at life from a bigger picture. I’m currently a Program Coordinator at Design for America, a national non-profit network connected by social impact design.

Project Highlights
  1. Care Home Connections
  2. Koocook Community
  3. Democracy for Climate Health

Take a closer look—

  1. Made Objects
  2. Graphic Design Gigs
  3. Figure Studies

More about me—
I studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University focusing on Experience Design and Cognitive Sciences. I’m currently based in Berkeley, CA (and have lived on all the coasts). 

I use they/them pronouns. This is what I look like. 

Photo of Glory, Smiling

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