My name is Glory Dang.

I’m a recent grad looking to help people lead fulfilling lives through human- and community-centered design. I’m passionate about understanding why we act the way we do, getting to the root of social issues, and looking at life from a bigger picture. I’m currently a Research Fellow at Design for America, a national non-profit org.

Project Highlights
  1. Scaling National Design Education
  2. Care Home Connections
  3. Koocook Community
  4. Democracy for Climate Health

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  1. Made Objects
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  3. RISD Foundations

More about me—
I studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University focusing on Experience Design and Cognitive Sciences. I’m based in Chicago, IL and grew up in sunny San Jose, CA. I like to read, write, and make hand-bound books.

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Made Objects


Paper 2019
I learned to bookbind with Suzi Cozzens. What an inspiring woman who leapt from the professional culinary craft to the intricate art of bookbinding. She started anew at RISD to pursue the paper arts long after most people would even think of going back to college, but it was worth it. I fell in love with her passion, too. 

Wood 2019
I thought I despised woodworking until I learned how to use woodworking machines. The lathe is an absolute joy for creating round objects, and the planer shaves to perfection. Below is a storage console I built from pine, and sanded and polished until it was soft as a baby’s bottom. 

Bendy, Betty, and Bob

(foam & acrylic)
Silly and asymmetrical: these random key words guided my form language for this project. The resulting sculptural teapots are a delight to look at from every angle! 


Hours of feel-good repetition helped these cold-worked form studies come to life. 

Fabric & Polyfill 

As an Industrial Design Intern at Klear Vu, I developed a new line of home textile products for the college-student audience. Named the Perfect Corner Triangle Pillow, this design is a timeless, functional, and simply geometric upgrade from the clunky ol’ backrests in big box stores. 

Retail Playhouse 

(lasercut plywood, acrylic, wire, paper)
Finally, I had access to the lasercutting tools that allowed me to build a playhouse of my dreams! Centered around ethical consumption, this retail playhouse celebrates the fun of mix-and-match apparel while educating its visitors. Clothing racks that twirl and spin, revolving mirrors, and a quiet reading nook where fashionistas learn how to slow down and become experts in reuse and repair make up this playful concept.