My name is Glory Dang.

I’m a recent grad looking to help people lead fulfilling lives through human- and community-centered design. I’m passionate about understanding why we act the way we do, getting to the root of social issues, and looking at life from a bigger picture. I’m currently a Research Fellow at Design for America, a national non-profit org.

Project Highlights
  1. Improving DFA Studio Support (coming soon)
  2. Care Home Connections
  3. Koocook Community
  4. Democracy for Climate Health

Take a closer look—
Portfolio PDF

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More Projects
  1. The Future of Libraries
  2. A Voice for Boston Chinatown
  3. Trader Joe’s Resilient Communities

  1. Augmented Reality Biking
  2. Amazon Alexa Lie Detector
  3. Compelling Organisms
  4. RISD Industrial Design Faculty Site Scoping Project
  5. Petfinder App Re-design

  1. Exhibit Designs
  2. Product Designs
  3. Graphic Design Gigs
  4. RISD Foundations

More about me—
I studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University focusing on Experience Design and Cognitive Sciences. I’m based in Chicago, IL and grew up in sunny San Jose, CA. I like to read, write, and make hand-bound books.

This is what I look like.

Photo of Glory, Smiling

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Graphic Design Gigs

Le Compostier

While doing Workaway in Amsterdam, I helped an urban food composting group with visualizing the food cycle in The Netherlands, along with how to assemble your own vermicomposting “Worm Hotel.”

Read their food composting blog, or follow them on Facebook!

Me and my fellow housemates/co-workers/friends. Proost!

Kung Fu Tea Providence

I had fun serving milk tea, but I prefer to do illustration and poster design. These two posters were made for a 2017 summer campaign. 

Girls Make Games
Girls Make Games is a great organization working toward female empowerment. I helped them create a lot of digital assets, but I also played their Mascot at one of the Game Expos.

This was a printed booklet that went alongside a digital tutorial for designing and building a game.

These are some fun concept visualizations for Blub Blub, a game about a blob made from cuteness. Check out the old Kickstarter and official site here

Interested in collaboration? I’m happy to help!
Reach out at dangglory@gmail.com.